sábado, 1 de agosto de 2015


Sometimes I'd rather not think.
Sometimes I'd like to enshroud myself in a blanket of white noise.
Because it is easier to avoid thinking when there is noise around you.
Music helps.
Words are better.
Words fill in the crevices of my mind and leave no space for anything else.
When I surround myself with words I can avoid thinking.
About now, about tomorrow, about sadness, about love, about life, about me.
I fill my life with other people's stories to avoid living mine.
My life then floats in stasis, and with every day I'm more lost in alien stories while alienating my own.
But in the silence my mind awakens.
It is in that void that life, love, sadness, tomorrow and now choke me.
They rain over me pouring into my every hole when there are no words.
I fear the silence.